2018, Here I Come

Posted: December 31, 2017 by Harper

I swear on my plug and my mom that 2017 wasn’t easy for me at all. I started the year off still crying because my granny died, then crying again because my uncle died. Hovering over my mom while she slept praying that she would never leave me and between those times I went on trips, I got a new job that paid me more and made me happy and I met some cool people that actually spend time with me. Carla and I tackled a country and watched an otter give himself head at an aquarium. (Animals were disgusting…

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Getting Out of My Own Way

Posted: December 25, 2017 by Harper

I’ve been recently applying for better positions and each time I feel like I’ve been overlooked. I am consistently one of the hardest workers in the building. It’s not my opinion but everyone at my job tells me how much I deserve to be promoted but when it comes down to it there’s no reward. Not only does it hurt my feelings but my pride too. How do I go from monthly reviews that that end early because theirs nothing to say to no upward track.

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Is That You God?

Posted: December 9, 2017 by Harper

My last night in Los Angeles I was standing on the corner of N Orange St. outside the CVS near the Chinese Theaters. I had just came from a night of watching movies at the AFI Fest and was waiting for my Uber to pull up. I was still tipsy from the two hurricanes I downed like juice and my balance was off. I half twirled and stumbled, looking around to make sure that no one could tell. I looked at my phone and saw it was 11:11 and made a wish. When I looked down from my phone, my…

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