Harper. 29. Nashville, TN. UTC Moc. 

Life is passing by. I’m about to be thirty years old in 365 days. I still remember fighting on bus stops and chasing ice cream trucks. I remember lying to everybody telling them I had a man at 10. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I was terrified about talking to boys I liked. Not much has changed there with the exception of lying about it. I’ve been to many places that I dreamed about going or I saw in movies. I’ve touched Buckingham Palace gates and walked Brooklyn streets. Some things I excelled at and some people praise me for but I still feel stuck being that 10 year old girl scared of rejection in so many different ways. Who am I? What’s my purpose here in this world? Will someone love me and worship me? Will I be a mother? Am I the reason for the blockage in my life?

This blog is here to document my journey to thirty. Leaving behind my fears and challenging myself to try different things and see different point of views. Most of this push is coming from the journal I bought called, “Do One Thing That Scares You Everyday” but the rest will come from me taking notice of the things I say no to and the things I run from.

Here’s to the year of twenty-nine. May it guide me closer to learning who I am supposed to be and being unapologetic about it.