Edibles + Holiday World

Posted: July 19, 2017 by Harper

I have never been more supported in anything in my life like the quest to get high. All of my weed smoking friends have been giving me advice left and right. Last Monday was no exception, when my friend Pablo came to pick me up he had a hard candy edible with my name on it. Bobby said it should be fun getting high and going to the theme park. Bobby was a damn lie.

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So, I Met The Plug

Posted: June 28, 2017 by Harper

Listen, so I’m on my annual road trip headed to Maine and I realized I needed to update my blog! We will see how far I get before my mom interrupts me being a bother but y’all I met the plug. Well I been knowing him but it’s just that I never really considered doing drugs until now. Not that I will make it a habit because I already signed up for a barber so I cannot afford any other extracurriculars unless I start bussing it wide open.

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