The Progression Of…

Ten Percent of My Love Lives In His Dimples

I knew I fucked up this summer when I opened and closed my eyes for the 15th time and he was still lying next to me and I had to go through the process of breaking my own heart. And I’m still crying every so often because the last bit of this feeling won’t go […]

Pacing In Circles

I have never been able to take my time with things. In gym class, I’d turn every required jog into a race so I could hurry up and sit down. When I have big ideas, I want everything done within a week and if it takes longer I’m over it. If I like someone, I’m […]

Word of the Day: Festering

Yesterday, I went into the simulation and I had time to think about in all the ways that I want to fuck my crush and all the ways he’d fuck me over. It was a wild trip filled with flashing images of his smile and his dimples and chaos and hatred and sex and disaster. […]

I Really Want To Devour This Snack

Sometimes traveling is something fun to do but sometimes its a means to self discovery for questions that you don’t quite know yet. This past month I was hit with this mood where I could not see the forest for the trees and I needed to get away and do something. And thankfully my friend […]

Fuck it. Let’s Manifest.

I was on Instagram per use and I got a little upset because I don’t know if I will ever have the experience any of the things that my peers have. I feel so shut out of life experiences and I’m like what did I do wrong where I don’t have those experiences. I don’t […]

See What Had Happened Was…

I was not supposed to be gone so long. I was supposed to revamp this website along with my travel blog but it got too complicated in my head so I just let both fall by the way side. So. What’s been up? I traveled a lot. I started a business. I started writing creatively again. I […]

Goodbye Painful 20s.

Pretty soon I will no longer be a member of my twenties and I will no longer have the excuse of figuring it out before thirty. It’d be nice to do that within the next twelve days but I’m not rushing towards nirvana. Though it’d be nice for some things to fall into place for […]

Do I Need A Ho Phase?

You ever want something? Not want it? And then want it again? Here’s my dilemma. I operate on a myriad of what ifs. I try to calm these questions down often because they do nothing for the progression of my life but when it comes to sex we (me, myself and i) skrrt skrrt like […]

Test of Faith

I’ve been noticing this pattern in my life where I feel like I’m being tested by God. Every negative point that I hit it’s like he’s waiting to see my reaction. I mean it’s definitely easy to stay positive and have extreme faith when your life is great and going in the direction that you […]