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Last night was epic beyond measure. Who knew that I could be so carefree. I’m bald (and I was wearing a hat last night) but I let my hair down and enjoyed myself so much. The J. Cole concert was cute but last night tho. The concert was amazing. I sung and danced the whole night but I did something that I have always been too anxious to do.

I stole someone’s first row seat. Granted, I was already in row two and it was only front row to the B stage but I stole it and it was mine for the night.

So of course, you’re probably thinking, “Harper, really?”

Let me tell you about the type of person I’m trying not to be. I have my different moods where I can be lax about rules. I can tell a white lie. I can be manipulative, if need be. I can hustle and make a dollar out of no cents but when it comes to inconveniencing people, I hate to be rude. I am not the type of person that will cut someone off in the grocery store/airport security when another line becomes available. And I’m not going to move up seats because it’s not the seat on my ticket.

But last night, this big tall blued haired devil tried to block my blessings. I mean that girl was at least 5’11 without heels and she had the nerve to have them on. When I tell you her hair blocked the entire stage… I had to think on my feet and fast. Otherwise I’d never get my pictures.

So earlier in the night I made friends with the usher by taking video of YG for his instastory. Apparently, he would have gotten fired. So I was sweet talking everybody and he told me that he was not going to trip if I moved up a row as long as I took more video for Kendrick so I moved up the row and grabbed his phone for him again. I’m not a selfish person so his videos were as good as mine.

I had severe anxiety though because we were still in intermission when I moved up. I did not calm my nerves until the lights went down, fireworks exploded and Kendrick popped up on stage. The first couple songs people came into the row but since no one was sitting down, I just looked like I belonged there. I danced and rapped with the people’s seats I stole. What a time to be alive.

And when I say I danced. . I was so lit I dropped/accidentally tossed my phone into the B stage barricade and my usher friend had to scoop it up for me. Luckily, I spent that extra money on the Lifeproof case because my phone is shatter free after bouncing off a steel bench. God just kept those blessings sprinkling down upon me.

Ya’ll me stealing that seat put me three whole ass hiccups from Kendrick. Like, I locked eyes with a rap icon and had a real connection. He smiled at me. He paused to take pictures. Ya’ll I thought touching J. Cole was going to be the memory of a lifetime but connecting with both people that changed my life. . SON!

I’m never not stealing another seat in life. The fact that I danced like I was in my room..

Ugh. I’m loving challenging myself to step outside of the anxiety ridden rules that I made for myself. I felt sexy last night. I felt comfortable. I was confident.

I am talking myself past anxiety and I am just happy. It’s not even a temporary feeling. If I’m not smiling I will give myself a reason. I’m so damn content with letting go and pushing myself.

Here are the picture and videos I took from the concert:

yg, Nashville, Kendrick Lamar, damn tour, dram
Big Baby Dram.
yg, Nashville, Kendrick Lamar, damn tour, dram
Big Baby Dram
yg, Nashville, Kendrick Lamar, damn tour, dram
yg, Nashville, Kendrick Lamar, damn tour, dram
yg, Nashville, Kendrick Lamar, damn tour, dram
Kendrick 🙌🏾

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  1. This was me a few years ago coming out of my shell. This post put me in a really good mood. It’s so good to see a person making steps toward conquering things in their life.

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