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2018, Here I Come

I swear on my plug and my mom that 2017 wasn’t easy for me at all. I started the year off still crying because my granny died, then crying again because my uncle died. Hovering over my mom while she slept praying that she would never leave me and between those times I went on trips, I got a new job that paid me more and made me happy and I met some cool people that actually spend time with me. Carla and I tackled a country and watched an otter give himself head at an aquarium. (Animals were disgusting in the Georgia Aquarium. That stingray was farting over us leaving a gas trail behind him. Trifling. )

Although it wasn’t easy, I found myself proud to be unwavering when it came to protecting my peace. I was persistent in choosing me and my dreams over and over again. I found myself wanting and not doing without. Everything that I put my mind on, even if there was an obstacle, God gave it to me on a silver platter.

To give an example (and I think it was a test), I walked in the living room the day after Christmas and was randomly checking my mail. Sometimes I just get the check the mail spirit and I was opening things up and found a collection letter from an ER visit from 2016. I had already dealt with this two times before and although I was annoyed I didn’t get mad. I didn’t stress about it. I just told myself I’ll wake up early and call the insurance company again.

Honestly, the lady at my insurance company was the angry one when we got on the phone. She took on my fight and got rid of the bill. Homegirl had a whole ass attitude with the collections agency and then apologized. I was so amused and had to tell her that it’s okay and it will work itself out. I got a call an hour later saying that they sent a cease and desist letter to the hospital and the agency. Even the new lady who called me back had this attitude like I was her cousin someone was trying to bully.

So maybe this means that I will be balling in 2018. Fingers crossed.

Here are some of the things that I’m hoping for this year.

More Memories Being Shared.

I’ve had my share of solo trips this year but I have had the pleasure to travel with Carla more. And I want to keep doing it with her and other people. Although it can be annoying when people say they’re going to do something and then don’t, I’m trying to ask more people and deal with it because if I don’t ask then it won’t happen. I have to stop being so jaded about people and open myself up. Even if it means being disappointed.

Balance, Focus, and Success.

Sometimes when I’m focused on earning money for a trip, I will sign up for a load of overtime which leaves me less time to update my blog or do other things that I want to do. I try to (like I am now) take time to blog at work but I get distracted by my coworkers. I want to find the balance to focus on my blog, hobbies and being creative. My pattern is plan a trip, book a trip, work crazy hours, go on a trip and get right back to work. Repeat. Leaving no energy for anything else.

I want to be able to start a business. I want to work hard, travel like crazy, and save money to pay off debts and buy a house.

Bae, Love, and Baecation

I know this will happen in its own time but I mean God might be reading my blog tonight. Although I would love love love to swing the first time and get a home run, I’d like someone to spend my time with and love on. Someone that can teach me the good parts about love and help me develop new positive memories. Currently, the only memories I have are abuse so I just want something good. It’s okay if it’s a temporary guy until I meet numero uno. Sometimes you need a teacher to help you remember you deserve love and assist you in getting rid of bad habits before you can welcome new love.

I’m honestly tired of liking people and they either:

– Play games.
– Not interested.
– Or act like they can’t speak up.

I’m tired of having bad luck in love. God gotta bless me with a dating life so I can get this man and go on a booty rubbing baecay. I’m a simple but picky girl.

Friends, Friend, and more Friends

I want people in my life that want to be there. I don’t want to have those friends that text me when they’re bored or need something. I have weeded a lot of these people out of my life and I need some replacements. I want guy friends and girlfriends that are my tribe. I want people I could leave my children with if something were to happen to me. I want people I can invite to my wedding. Folks I could call and be like send me $20 my car ran out of gas and I left my wallet at home. Right now, my guest list for my wedding, outside of my parents, would be about 4-5 people.

I need people that celebrate me, motivate me and inspire me to strive for greater things. I want teachers who open me to new possibilities and help point me in the right direction. I need a wolfpack.

I want 2018 to bring me a lot of goodness. Love, money, success, happiness, a home of own, and more vacations that I can stand to plan. I want this year to be the year of dreams coming to fruition. I am so excited because I feel nothing but greatness coming from this new year. 

I’ve never been more excited for the start of a new year.

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  1. You and Carla are just pulling at my heartstrings with these posts lol! I cannot stress again how proud I am. Kudos to you on stepping out and exploring the world, whether it be alone or with a friend.

    I feel so inspired when I look at your posts! I wish you the best in 2018!

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