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I’ve had a hard time following through with my many ideas all of my life. As soon as I get excited about doing something I get this dark cloud. It’s almost an instant thought of it won’t work or I don’t know anything about it for it to work and I just let it go. The feeling of feeling stupid for asking questions or not knowing what steps to do to move forward with the idea.

I’ve been trying to start this business for two years. I finally started taking steps towards making it happen and I feel the biggest resistance within myself. It’s so annoying but I’ve been pushing through the bad feelings and negative thoughts.

The first step, I went to the IRS website and got my tax ID number for my business. I thought that this would be difficult but it was easy. Then I went downtown and I got my business license. Again, super easy.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to make my office space comfortable and set it up for me to be the most productive because every time I want to work I don’t want to sit at my desk because the chair is uncomfortable, the mouse doesn’t work and I can’t keep track of all my windows.

I’m also learning how to pace myself because I love getting ideas and rushing to the finish line. I’m telling myself to slow down before making decisions. I’m trying to be okay without knowing everything and asking for help. This is so painful because I like not relying on people because they are such a disappointment sometimes but honestly people have been helping me out. It’s a nice feeling.

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  1. I don’t know how you know my life, but you’ve described my sentiments perfectly. I’m learning to be a bit more patient and realizing that everything won’t happen overnight but to keep pushing anyway. To push past the fear and past the doubt and make it out to the other side.

    Now I need all the deets on how to get that info from the IRS pronto!

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